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Good Idea Girl: Apron

I am kind of a hot mess most of the time, but I am also super organized most of the time. Total cognitive dissonance, I know, I live it. That being said, I have all sorts of little ideas for organization and tidiness. I am known by some (read: my family) as “The Good Idea Girl” and as I’ve mentioned before, I have plenty of organizational (and life) opinions. I plan to start sharing them with y’all from time to time (or on the regular if I can live in the organized part of my life for long enough). Here is the first idea:


Keep an apron in your car.

I do this. Specifically, in the door pocket thing on the driver’s side. You see, the hot mess side of my life often doesn’t make it out the door in the morning having finished breakfast (which is often coffee, but sometimes legit food). Many mornings I am drinking coffee and eating breakfast on my drive. Sometimes I am just really hungry and I am snacking on my drive to wherever. I cannot tell you how many times I have spilled on myself and been uber frustrated that I will then have to spend the day with schmotz on my clothes.


This is where the apron comes in handy. I wear it while I am driving and eating. If I spill, no biggie, I take the apron in and wash it that evening. Usually though, I never spill when wearing the apron. Isn’t that someone’s law of something?

Now, you have to know that even though I have super cute and sassy aprons, driving while wearing an apron might be almost as uncool as driving with your curlers in your hair (which in case you didn’t know, is very uncool).  I only abide by this practice when I care about my outfit making it through the day looking like to organized and with it version of myself showed up that morning. Men: get a manly apron, or rock a sassy one, whatever you are into, but this whole apron to protect your nice tie and dress shirt, it is a pretty good idea. I encourage everyone to try it.


Maybe If We Get the Cars and a Fish the Boys Will Come Too

I recently started working with 3 year olds. This has been a new experience for me. Prior to this I was working with teenagers, teaching high school and middle school (the latter for a brief stint).


I’ve worked at the elementary school level and I worked at and ran a summer camp for kindergarten through 9th grade. My staff was made up of high school and college age kids. So when the opportunity to teach an age I have the credentials to teach but have never tried, came up I was excited for the new challenge. It has been a about two weeks and I can already tell you I am tired. Tired and happy. I have also made one important observation.


Kids know how to keep it real. We adults could learn a lesson or two from them.


1. When you want to end things with someone, just tell them.

“I just need you to give me my own space right now.”


2. When someone ends things with you, bow out with grace and dignity.

“Okay, I will play something else.”


3. Being clear about your feelings.

“Look I am not mad at you, you just don’t know things, but I am going to give you a chance.”


4. Know what other people like, and how to entice them to hang out with you.

“We should have a dance party. Maybe if we get the cars and a fish the boys will come too.”

I feel like I should tell you the ratio of boys to girls is 14:4.


5. Don’t be afraid to tell people how you feel.

“Aimee, I don’t really like you. Sorry.”

“Me and him are best friends.” “Yeah, I’m the husband.”

“I love you so much, will you be my teacher forever?”

“I am just so done with this. It is time for something else.”


6. Finally, don’t be ashamed to admit your shortcomings.

“Do you want to add a propellor to your airplane?” “No, I can’t. I am not a doctor.”

I am looking forward to finding out what other life lessons these little ones might teach me over the course of the year.