When Sprinklers Make Me Rage

I stay calm when it is important. I am a good person to have around in a an emergency. But I loose my cool, I get irrationally upset, over things that don’t actually matter.


I don’t think of myself as a particularly eco-conscious person. I mean if it is convenient sure. I know better than to chuck my batteries in the trash, but I am not going to let it mellow…that leaves toilet bowl stains, weird smells, and it just isn’t my thing. I also like to take really long, scalding hot showers.


And yet despite my egregious abuse of water resources, I am thrown into an absurd rage, we are taking hitting my steering wheel, yelling at no one, kind of rage when I see sprinklers running in the afternoon on my way home from work.


These are the things I yell at the person who clearly cannot hear me:

Why are your sprinklers going in the heat of the day?!

What an inefficient use of water?! Don’t you know that you need to water before dawn or after dusk for maximum water retention?!

Hello! It is summertime! It is hot as balls out! The water probably isn’t even hitting the ground it is evaporating so quickly! This is really just an invitation for me to come run in the sprinklers!!

Dammit it’s just annoying!


Please stop watering the field in the heat of the day. I just can’t handle it anymore.

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