My Mixer

I love my stand mixer. I know it seems silly. A kitchen appliance. You might think love is a little too strong of a word. It is not.


Mom and Dad gave my stand mixer to me as a birthday gift a few years back and from that very moment on, we have created a beautiful relationship.


I didn’t grow up with a stand mixer. We had some other pretty great mixer. I will always have a special kind of nostalgia for that mixer. Sometime in my teen years, or maybe it was as late as college, Mom got her own stand mixer, a buttery yellow mixer that did amazing things. I started falling.


My mixer is a little bit larger than the standard model. My often requested cowboy cookies just don’t quite fit into the 5 qt size bowl. It is a beautiful shade of red. For years I have fantasized about my future kitchen. It is going to be a tasteful, not kitchey, subtle patriotic theme (which fits if you know me well, and if you know about my rose garden dreams, and the names of my future children…). So red fits. It also goes well with my blue dutch oven, but that might be for another post.


When I decided I was going to move I knew I would have to wait 8 months before I could make it happen. I had commitments. I am not the type of person to back out of a commitment.


5 months before my move, I was out here visiting and it was Passover. I was making dessert, which if you read my previous post, you know I have strong feelings about, and I use a lot of egg whites. Well guess what, The Cousins, they didn’t own a stand mixer, or a hand mixer, or even a whisk! I know, I almost died too…


I managed to procure a whisk and made all my desserts by hand. I realized 2 things:

  1. I have very little muscle in my arms
  2. I needed my stand mixer


2 months later I was driving out here for a visit. My mixer was in the car with me. I knew if I left it behind, there was no backing out. I was never worried, there was something about being here that made my soul feel right, but there were some naysayers who thought I might not go through with it.


I had an amazing summer.


The night I drove into town I pulled out that mixer and got to baking. Reunited.


Today, I was baking again (big shock I know) and I was cleaning my mixer to put it away. I realized I was being more careful and attentive cleaning my mixer than I am shaving my legs (perhaps a reason I am single…) and I realized I wanted to talk about my love.


Reasons my stand mixer is WONDEROUS:

  1. It is beautiful
  2. It can whip up eggs whites in a fraction of the time it would take any other way
  3. The dough hook option kneads bread fantastically
  4. I can multitask while it mixes, blends, whips, kneads, and does all the other amazing things it does
  5. Shredded chicken (use the paddle attachment after you have cooked and deboned it while it is still warm)
  6. It is better than a white noise machine
  7. it has potential to do so many other things I haven’t even tried yet


I am thrilled by my immersion blender, and my cookies sheets, and cake pans. I adore my butter cutter (What is that you ask? Well, it is something you need). I would be devastated to part with my cake stands (yes plural), decorating tips, silpats, and all my other tools. But I LOVE my stand mixer. I doubt I am the only one who feels this way. In fact I learned about the shredded chicken tip from a fellow stand mixer lover. Maybe we could start a club…

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