Learning How to Winter

I am a Southern California girl. No matter where I go, that is who I am. I know about weather and I know about seasons. Despite what people think, I have seen snow. But what I have very little knowledge of is what I call “how to winter.”

The last few months I have been learning how to winter. I have also starting texting my well seasoned friends about my #winterfails and #clearlymyfirstwinter moments.


It began with the first snow.

I walked out to my car. There was ice on the windshield. I knew enough to not just immediately turn my wipers on (some kind person warned me). So I asked my friend how to get the ice off.

Friend: Get your ice scraper…

Me: Wait that’s a thing? Do I need to get one?

Friend: Oh honey…turn your defrost on and wait a while…we need to get you one.

I went and bought one shortly thereafter.


My next lesson in how to winter came when the temperature dropped into the negative teens. It was the coldest temperature I have ever experienced. I mean I am the girl who wears tights (sometimes long-johns if you must know) under my jeans to go to an evening Dodger game because I get cold.

But don’t worry, I had proper(ish) clothing. I knew enough to wear my warmest layers. I walked from my car into work, maybe 40 yards. When I got there, I informed a friend that my chest was aching and I found it difficult to breath. She smiled and explained that, yes, that can happen when it is that cold. Apparently that is nothing to be worried about, totally normal. Cold can make it difficult to breath…who knew?! Who thinks that is okay?!


Fast forward a few weeks, I was getting ready to go on a date. Fun right?! Me, on a date, walking around the zoo looking at Christmas lights, this was going to be awesome. Guess what friends, that super cute open knit sweater that you only wear on what Angelenos would call a freezing day, yeah, it doesn’t actually do anything to keep you warm.


Now it is January. I went home to visit. It was 80 degrees. It was glorious. I wore flip-flops to the airport, because, well when I am home why would I wear any other footwear? I land back here. And it hits me. I am wearing flip-flops, in January, with no jacket, and I have to walk all the way to my car in the cheep-o parking lot. You can take the girl out of California, but you can’t take the California out of the girl.


One of my personal favorites happened only a week after the flip-flop incident. It was beautiful the previous day. So beautiful I drove with my windows down…can you tell where this is going? I arrived at my destination, windows still cracked, parked, and went inside. It began to snow, but I forgot about my windows. Before I moved here, I bought a beautious new car, it has a remote start button, and this day, it would be the day I take full advantage. I was going to have a warm engine and a warm car. Instead I had a warm engine and a wet seat. #winterfail


I wish I could tell you I am a winter pro now. That I have it all figured out and am finished making silly blunders. I am not. I hope people find my winter fails endearing rather than foolish. I am still learning how to winter.


The view from my window after our most recent dusting.

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